Welcome to the world of Greyhawk!

The campaign is set in the world of Greyhawk, but not the Greyhawk you may remember. The world has descended into turmoil, countries have become states. States have become cities. Villages have been swallowed up by the encroaching wilderness. Many faction no longer exists and new beings have begun to wander the lands.

The village of Fallcrest is the focal point for the campaign. It is a small community built on the remains of a larger city. Fallcrest is situated near the middle of the borderland region the Nentir Vale. A majority of the residents live in the township itself, with the rest living no more that 6 or 7 miles out. The main exports of Fallcrest are timber, leather, fruit and grain. For more information please refer to the DMG page 198 – 209, ignoring statr blocks and DM info as these will not be used.

Doug's 4th Ed game

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